About Us

About Us

Our company was born at the end of the last century, with a focus on the production of honey and pollination and wax stamping services.

We have gradually incorporated new proposals, trying to provide solutions to the needs of an increasingly specialized sector, and to the pressures of increasingly demanding markets.

Thinking ahead, we aspire to excellence, preferring to be more profound than comprehensive, and incorporating strict quality controls, both in the products and services we offer, as well as in caring for the workplace and the environment.

Today we are proud to have served more than 2,000 clients inside and outside the borders of our country.





Energy supplement for bees


Oxalic acid dihydrate in cardboard strips


Sale of rompers for beekeeping



Between 150 and 200 containers are homogenized annually in our comfortable facilities located 27 km from the port of Montevideo on Route 5. Our 1700 m2 warehouse has ample maneuvering spaces for all types of transport, on a surface designed for specialized logistics.

Certificación HACCP

HACCP certification:

We have HACCP Certification for food safety

This activity belongs to the founding nucleus of the company. From the beginning our objective has been to achieve a product of the best quality and this cements our prestige in the sector. Our offer includes the replacement of wax in the moment, or, depending on the quantities, the client can choose to stamp their own batches.


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Reaching honeydew periods with well-populated and healthy hives is an obligation if you want to achieve good profitability, that is why feeding our bees responsibly, ensures maximum production and minimizes losses.

Carboprop (R?) is a product that is offered ready to be administered in two presentations: 2kg sachets or in bulk.

For its preparation, 2 parts of the best quality sugar, one part of water and a small percentage of propolis are used.

The product contains potassium sorbate as a preservative, in order to extend its shelf life.


One of the biggest sanitary problems for hives is the presence of the Varroa mite.

Varroxsan (R?) Is an acaricide formulated on a basis of Glycerin and Oxalic Acid, carried in
cardboard and that acts by contact.

Oxalic Acid is an organic acaricide that hardly generates resistance and one of the few
management tools available to the beekeeper to combat this parasitosis.

It comes in cardboard strips protected in hermetically sealed plastic envelopes.

Sale of rompers for beekeeping

The Reinforced Anti-iron Polyamide is the most ventilated, resistant and safe of the category: Safety clothing, “general” bee type, in white, sizes P, M, G, GG, XG, XXG made of high-quality Polyamide fabric. resistance with wires, heavy type, 100% Polyester, Only 01 (one) layer of fabric (avoiding large volume and increasing its ventilation power).

Composed of 4 (four) sublayers:

1st layer: (Outer) 100% polyester grained crochet fabric with high resistance weft.

2nd layer: high resistance expansive polyamide threads that separate one fabric from the other.

3rd layer: 100% light polyester thin canvas, which increases the grip of the polyamide threads and helps ventilation.

4th layer: (Internal) 100% polyester granulated thick canvas for greater resistance to the entire fabric.

Target in preshrunk fabric, arranged so that it cannot be penetrated by bee stings, arranged so that it maintains a distance of at least 5 millimeters from the user’s skin, avoiding possible insect bites. It must consist of 04 pockets (02 in the front and 02 in the back) attached to the waist. Its exclusive fabric production system through expansive polyamide technology guarantees extreme ventilation throughout the material, providing the user with great safety and comfort. In the 4 cm wide elastic cuffs (elastic bar) with drawstring, it must be fastened to the thumb, preventing the sleeve from rising.

On legs / ankles, 2 cm wide elastic (elastic bar), fixed there is a 0.5 cm wide elastic that is fixed to the foot, preventing its end from going up the shin. Zip closure (with high tear resistance) from the neck to the fly (not in the jumpsuit) vertically. It has two sliders (for greater security), Combined with Velcro or another closure system that prevents the access of insects. Elasticated waist for better adjustment of the user, 30 cm long by 02 cm wide, hole in the neck sealed with velcro and eyelets where the user can drink some liquid in beekeeping through a straw, providing greater safety and comfort . At its critical break points (between legs, armpits, closures and pockets) it is reinforced in specific seams. It must have a removable hood, fixed with velcro or a similar system that does not allow the access of insects. Mask: Round in shape, equipped with an adjustable headband, avoiding direct contact with the hat, providing greater ventilation, comfort and safety. To keep it armed, two arches in the shape of a circle will be used (in the upper part of the flap and in the lower part of the hook / mask that connects the velcro) made of 3 mm carbon steel wire with 35 cm diameter each. , preventing it from coming off. in contact with the user’s face, fixed to the suit by means of velcro with a width of 02 cm, detachable when washing the suit, fully ventilated, stainless steel visor (does not rust) fenced-in type, painted on the inside in black and its exterior unpainted leaving its natural color stainless steel (standard adopted so that the bee is calmer and vision is not compromised), attached to the front of the mask by means of a 2.5 cm wide white Nylon Belt. The top of the hat has a grid ventilation system, a 10 cm wide brim made of kroyal, all suits must have a great finish and be in harmony with the rest of the material. The product must comply with the consumer protection code and other relevant legislation.